I’m baaaaack!

17 Dec

Oops! I abandoned my blog for 3 months. I apologize to anyone who keeps up with it. I plan on blogging a lot more. I’m participating in a 52 week cooking challenge for the new year. Every week I’ll have to make a dish based off of the theme or ingredient of that week. January’s challenges are

January 2 – 8 – Eggs
January 9 – 15 – Chinese
January 16 – 22 – Soups
January 23 – 29 – Pan Frying

Exciting! One of the members of the challenge said, “If you are new to cooking, one of the best ways to learn is simply trying out new things (new methods of cooking, new ingredients, etc.). By doing this challenge you will learn a lot of new recipes and techniques.”. Great! That’s just what I need.

A big thank you and shout out to my secret Santa, Doug! He sent me presents that inspired me to blog. Some recipes, ingredients to make wheat bread and pizza dough, an apron, and a freaking cast iron skillet!



Thanks again, Doug!


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