Chili Cheese Dip

6 Feb

You know how everyone has that special signature dish they take to parties? The dish everyone requests that they bring to their party? My friend Erik has amazing artichoke dip, my mom makes scrumptious meatballs, one of the girls on my roller derby team has some awesome raspberries stuffed with cream cheese deal, but me? i have nothing! I found a recipe on Gonna Want Seconds for Chili Cheese Dip. I decided to test it out and see if it would become *MY* dish. I liked it, but …I’ll just tell you after I post the recipe and pics

Ingredients: 2-8 ounces blocks of cream cheese, 2 ounce cans chili with or without beans ( I prefer homemade when I have it otherwise I use Hormel ), 1 cup sharp cheddar-shredded, 2 green onions-chopped (optional)


1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

2. Spread cream cheese in a shallow baking dish. (SPREAD? I didn’t see spread when I actually prepared the chili. I just planted the cream cheese right in the dish. Whoops! >.<)

3.Spread chili on top.

4.Layer shredded cheddar over top.

5.Bake until well heated through and cheese is melted and bubbly. Serve with corn chips. (Stand back so you don’t get trampled!)


This recipe was easy peasy and yummy to my tummy! (Can you tell that I teach pre-k?) My only complaint is it was WAY too cream cheesy. BUT as I realized while re-reading the recipe during this post, that was my fault. I can’t believe I forgot to spread the cream cheese! If I try this recipe  again, I’ll try it with homemade chili and only one block of cream cheese. I think two blocks, even if spread out, is too much. My boyfriend on the other hand thinks this recipe is fine as is. Blocks of cream cheese and all. What a fatty!  Even though verrrry delicious, this will not be *MY* dish. I’m still on the search for a signature dish! If you have any recipe suggestions for a nice little appetizer or any recipe for that matter, please leave a comment!



One Response to “Chili Cheese Dip”

  1. michelle February 6, 2011 at 5:16 am #

    i love cheese dips :) i made my mom’s chili con queso a couple times last year, which was pretty good. my signature would probably be my crab dip. it is my favorite of all dishes (crabs. it’s what maryland does lol)

    combine 4 oz cream cheese and 2 lg spoonfuls of sour cream (roughly 2 tbsp?). blend until soft. add 1 chopped scallion stalk, 3-4 oz crab meat (phillips lump) and 1/3c shredded cheese. blend until mixed. blend in old bay to taste (avoid generic “crab seasoning” if you can. that stuff is whack). pour in baking dish; top with more shredded cheese. heat 10-15 at 350. serve warm with bread or crackers

    also good cold :) i like mine with A LOT of old bay and butterfly crackers

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